Metamation Enterprise 25.01.22

MetaCAM Enterprise 21.x series

At Metamation our goal is simple to continue bringing innovative and open-minded solutions to our global customers through the continued development of our OWN core products for sheet metal CAD / CAM users.

Our Automation:

MetaCAM Enterprise is a front end for the existing Meta* based products which brings all the power of MetaCAM into ...

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Punch and Nesting Software by Metamation 18.01.22

CAD CAM Punch Nesting

MetaCAM – CAD CAM Punch


CNC Punch is a key manufacturing process used heavily in today’s environment and depending on your product range, turret capacity and tooling availability could be one of the most time-consuming processes to handle.

Our Solutions

The MetaCAM software is a fully functioning CAD and Punch CAM system that is ...

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CAD CAM Improvements - Metamation 11.01.22

Advanced Manufacturing Customer Success Story

January 2015 – As an 18-year-old, Scott Stewart didn’t expect his job at a sheet metal shop to grow into a career. “I kept my head down and worked my way up,” he recalls. By his 27th birthday Stewart was general manager of a 50-man job shop but still, the realization that “this is my ...

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