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2D Nesting Software

2D Nesting Software​ for Punch, Laser, Waterjet, and Plasma.


Multiple file format support


Built in CAD tools


Intuitive and easy to use

Time Saver

High Perfomance Nesting


Shortcuts and Visuals

2D nesting software is a fully functioning and integrated nesting solution designed for multiple technologies like Punch, Laser, Waterjet and Plasma based machines.

It features optimal nesting algorithms which can be used depending on the style and nesting you require which ranges from basic rectangular nesting through to dissimilar parts and our latest nesting algorthium Flux Nest.

2D Nesting Software

CAD File Nesting

Batch import supported files or nest with your existing MetaCAM Part Files.


Dedicated options depending on the machine, process and style being used.

Punch Options

Optimal turret options to help improve part placement.

Manual Nesting

Basic sheet layout through to Drag and Drop placement.

Interactive Nesting

Fully editable nests with a suite of options for manipulating parts.

Automatic Nesting

Fully automatic nesting with settings for priority and gaps.


Store default sequencing styles, select pre-defined styles with full manual edit.

Remnant and Slice

Destruct sheet, slicing sheet and storing remnants all supported.


Customisable reports can be configured to show a large range of information and can be printed or saved.