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CAD CAM Punch Nesting

MetaCAM – CAD CAM Punch


CNC Punch is a key manufacturing process used heavily in today’s environment and depending on your product range, turret capacity and tooling availability could be one of the most time-consuming processes to handle.

Our Solutions

The MetaCAM software is a fully functioning CAD and Punch CAM system that is designed to give as much or as little automation based on your needs for your CNC Punch Programming and nesting process. MetaCAM has it’s own comprehensive and easy to use set of configurations that are completely visible and easy to set helping you create your preferred styles of auto tooling and general tooling parameters, examples for these preferences cover pre-defined pattern punching, nibbling / slitting styles along with tooling tolerances and a wealth of other settings all available at your fingertips.

Tooling System

MetaCAM supports a full parametric tool library for ease of tool creation and to maximise auto tooling logic with options that will allow you to pick a standard parametric shape or draw/import and create custom tools.

Each tool created in the system has a set of parameters that you can set to determine the way the tool will work, for example, could the tool be used for nibbling? Is the tool a final processing tool? Each of these settings will help configure what you want to happen by default when tooling is applied. Along with these general tooling parameters, there are multiple options to support the defaults of a tool, special NC code assignment’s along with comprehensive die clearance database for all your standard and customised tools.

“MetaCAM also fully supports other tooling technologies like Wheel / Deburring Tools, Cluster and multi-tool (standard and indexable)”


We like to promote as much automation as possible but in retrospect have extensive manual and interactive tooling available for you to easily and quickly make manual adjustments.

  • Manual Tooling
    • Easy pick and place with selectable snap points to position tools.
  • Interactive Tooling
    • Click a feature and select from a list of possible tooling solutions.
  • Auto Tooling
    • Configurable automatic tooling.
  • Detail Tooling
    • Set special processing rules on the parts tooling.


Having a world class tooling system is of course one piece of the puzzle, another major aspect of tooling is sequencing. MetaCAM Punch CAM Module has a vast array of tooling defaults that can be applied automatically or set manually depending on your preference.

  • Clockwise Sequence
  • Linear Sequence
  • Grid Sequence
  • Staggered Sequence


MetaCAM tooling and special features are stored within the part and are automatically used when sequencing nests. MetaCAM Punch CAM Nesting also has optimisations for Sheet Common Line, Paired Part Dynamic Nesting and a powerful and interactive turret consolidation tool designed to help you minimise tooling requirements in turn maximising your material utilisation potential.

“MetaCAM uses intelligent part store where any features placed within the part are automatically used saving you any adjustment or manual sequencing time.”


If you are looking for powerful but easy to use CAD-CAM Punch software, that has a variety of features along with a good supporting CAD and optional nesting system all with very good post-processor support then visit the Punch CAM page or Contact us.

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