Metamation officially founded 21st May 2003, following on from an already established software development market which dated back to the mid 1990’s.

Over the years Metamation software has become a global established solution for sheet metal CAD CAM software through development of more innovative products and has worked directly with some of the leading edge machine manufacturers both in supporting the machine technology and directly providing software solutions to end users and machine OEMS around the globe.

In 2014 Metamation became a part of the TRUMPF group where they were recognised as a leading edge software development company, where some of Metamation’s latest generation tech became a forerunner in the TRUMPF software portfolio for OEM deployment.

In 2022 Metamation became a full member of the TRUMPF group and we are now rebranded as TRUMPF Metamation, where we continue to support our users and focus on developing the next generation of cutting edge software for sheet metal manufacture.


1997 Dedicated to Sheet Metal

1998 Additional Sheet Metal Modules

2003 Metamation Offical

2008 Offline Bending

2014 Joined TRUMPF Group

2016 Offical Launch of Next Generation Software - Flux

2018 New Nesting Engine Launched

2022 New Generation Laser Software

2023 Praxis Launch

2024 + Much More to Come

TRUMPF Metamation

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