Metamation offers additional AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract) to not only give you access to our support network but also software updates for the modules you have purchased. AMC also has some special AMC-licensed products to help drive productivity and cost out.

Product Upgrades to Latest Releases


MetaCAM Enterprise

MetaCAM Enterprise

Additional AMC Licensed Modules

MetaCAM Toolkit is a productivity kit that is designed to help automate some typical manual tasks like tooling parts, creating nest jobs, and a handy CAD Exploder for taking multi-part CAD files into single-part files.

CAD Exploder

Explode Multi-Part Cad Drawings.

Job Importer

Import and Create Nest Jobs.

Batch Tooler

Batch Tool Cad Files

In addition to the Toolkit any users that have our automatic nesting module then Flux NEST is included as part of the AMC.

Flux Nest is the latest nesting algorithm from Metamation which utilises our latest technology to not only nest faster but also nest with a higher material yield.

*Nesting results can differ based on the available parts, quantities and priorities that you have available.