Metamation UK 10 year Anniversary

10 years of software success for Metamation UK

Sheet Metal Software UK

From the original branch creation in 2012 in Redditch, where Metamation already had an established customer, partner, reseller and OEM base, the company has continually developed its software and grown the team to take the business to the next level. Part of that evolution was to establish an apprenticeship programme. 

Metamation’s core skill is designing, developing and delivering cutting edge sheetmetal CAD/CAM software to drive operational efficiencies, productivity benefits and cost savings to its customer base. The modular software is 100% developed in-house and encompasses processes such as CAD, offline bending, punching, cutting and nesting.

Metamation is constantly re-evaluating its software and issues regular updates on an annual basis. “We’re always looking to improve the software and sometimes this results in a total redesign from the ground up,” explained Metamation’s EMEA regional manager, Gary Carnall.

“Recent examples of this are new generations of our Flux CAD, Bend and Nest modules which are bringing even more efficiencies to our customers. A case in point are the latest versions of Flux Bend and Flux Nest which are three to four times more efficient than the original versions of the software.

“We would like to thank our team members both local and global from across all areas of the business for the work they have put in over the years because having innovative products for the sheet metal manufacturing industry is nothing without a support team to back it up,” Mr Carnall added.

“Thanks also to all our customers, resellers and partners from all regions. We look forward to evolving our software even further in the years to come to drive even greater efficiencies for our clients and ultimately help them become more profitable.”

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