Punch and Nesting Software by Metamation 18.Jan.22

CAD CAM Punch Nesting

MetaCAM – CAD CAM Punch


CNC Punch is a key manufacturing process used heavily in today’s environment and depending on your product range, turret capacity and tooling availability could be one of the most time-consuming processes to handle.

Our Solutions

The MetaCAM software is a fully functioning CAD and Punch CAM system that is ...

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CAD CAM Improvements - Metamation 11.Jan.22

Advanced Manufacturing Customer Success Story

January 2015 – As an 18-year-old, Scott Stewart didn’t expect his job at a sheet metal shop to grow into a career. “I kept my head down and worked my way up,” he recalls. By his 27th birthday Stewart was general manager of a 50-man job shop but still, the realization that “this is my ...

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Laser, Water jet, plasma, Flame Nesting Metamation 28.Dec.21

Profile Tooling and Nesting Software

Profile Cutting Machine software is an integral part of the manufacturing process where the ability to have databases of machine cutting data along with the ability to set your own tooling rules all help play an important part of the process.

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CAD CAM Automation Metamation 15.Jan.21

Metamation Enterprise Flexible CAD CAM Automation Software

About Us:

At Metamation our goal is simple to continue bringing innovative and open minded solutions to our global customers though the continued development of our OWN core products for sheet metal CAD / CAM users.

Our Automation:

MetaCAM Enterprise is a front end for the existing Meta* based products which brings all the power ...

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Offline Bending in MetaBEND by Metamation 05.Jan.21

Offline Press Brake Programming

One of the most skilled operations in the sheet metal manufacturing industry is the operating and setting of press brakes, which if you are a low batch manufacturer could increase your non value added time significantly. Skill shortages for this operation don’t help and when you consider that you could easily have 2-3 press brakes ...

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