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Metamation MetaCAM CAD CAM suite is the original product range designed to provide a fully integrated solution covering a range of selectable modules based on business requirements that can grow as your business needs dicatate.

All of the modules are complete and fully functioning and can be added into a single programming enviroment based on your needs, giving you a truely seamless, consistant and logical programming workflow.

Our core modules range from CAD Design, Import and Integration options through to 3D CAM like offline Bending and 5-Axis.

2D CAM is also fully covered with comprehensive modules for Punch and Cut (laser, waterjet, plasma…) based technologies with different options also being available, 2D CAM also has a full dynamic nesting option to help maximize your material yield based on your available demand.

Finally and for users wanting to go a step further we have our Enterprise edition of the software which brings all of MetaCAM into a more automated enviroment with options to automatically import and tool CAD files and receive orders and send straight through to nesting, where new options for scheduling and live shop floor (Kiosk) are available

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