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Sheet Metal CAD CAM Software

Metamation Sheet Metal CAD CAM Software is an internally designed and developed programming software which features core modules such as CAD, 5-Axis, Bend, Punch, Laser, Combination, Nesting and Smart optimal solutions which are designed to give our customers software that can grow and adapt as the business needs may change whilst ensuring you have up to date innovative software solutions that support a large range of machine manufacturers and technologies.

Enterprise Edition​

As well as industry-standard Sheet Metal CAD CAM modules like CAD, Punch, Laser, Bend, and Nest we also provide more automated options like our Enterprise edition that can completely help to streamline not just the front-end process but the manufacturing workflow as well whilst giving your business a highly flexible and automated approach.

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Customer FeedBAck

We can easily switch jobs from one machine to another

Carter Hoffman (U.S.A)

I have found the software to be intuitive, good automation and the support back up has been great to date

Safire Design Engineers (U.K)

We had impressive results in terms of reduced scrappage and large productivity improvements.

Contracts Engineering Ltd (U.K)

The ease, speed and flexibility of the nesting portion of the software, greatly reduces the time when dealing with static nests

Kohler (U.S.A)

Drop in a DXF and Enterprise will immediately give you the cutting time and price estimate

Yarbrough Industries (U.S.A)

We can batch program hundreds of parts through Enterprise in less than 10 minutes

Eaton Cooper (USA)

Due to the automation and ease of use our output is 3-4 times more than we used to achieve with both of our prior CAD/CAM systems.

Eaton Electrical (U.K)

We are extremely impressed with the speed and solutions available from Metamation and we are already identifying potentially large cost savings for the business

Grenville Engineering (UK)

Scheduling jobs and monitoring productivity on the machines has become that much easier

Monarch Metal (U.S.A)

Enterprise has helped us better manage our parts and revisions across multiple programmers

Pinion Adams (South Africa)

Looking forward to a good working relationship with them as we know they are a forward thinking company


We have reduced our shift requirements by 15-20%

Marley Engineered Products (U.S.A)

A good overall product for our punching machines

Dataracks (U.K)

MetaCAM Enterprise Edition has saved us 4-5 hours per job.

Lasnek (U.K)

Software keeps workflow moving and operators on the shop floor

B&J Inc (U.S.A)

Nesting element is very good and utilises the sheet very well

Bulldog Security (U.K)

A vast improvement over our previous software, especially the 3D capabilities.

HSM Aero (U.K)

MetaCAM’s open interface to VB allowed us to automate production cycles and reduce production development time from 3 days to 10 minutes

Flux nest


Our latest next generation nesting algorithm is designed to deliver high performance results in a time that is acceptable to the fast pace of manufacturing enviroments.

Flux nest works for both Cut and Punch technology.

27% Quicker and 5.2% higher yield in this one small example.

What could that mean to your business?

Flux Bend

Offline Bending is not a new industry process, but taking all our years of experience and knowledge Metamation designed it’s next generation Offline Bending Software (Flux Bend) from the ground up, with a highly intuitive interface and extremely powerful bending algorithms Flux Bend helps bring more cost savings than conventional 1st generation Offline Bending Software’s.

Features include Import, Validation, Optimal Tooling, Optimal Setups, Clarity Interface, Advanced Configurations, Press Brake Nesting.

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