Solid Edge Native File Support

“Have an Edge in your manufacturing flow with Metamation’s CAM support for Solid Edge”

Solid Edge Nest Bend integrated into Meta* range of products designed to help you easily process your Solid Edge Cad Files.

One of the fundamental processes with design to manufacture is the ability to read native file formats direct from CAD design software without the need to export in a 3rd party format which can result in the loss of design information whilst also taking more front end time in making the files and revision control of them.

Solid Edge Tool, Nest and Bend support is supported by Metamation’s range of products MetaCAM, MetaBEND. FluxBEND and Enterprise all have support for the Solid Edge file format (.asm, .psm and .par) which can be brought in ready for CAM processing through a variety of methods depending on how your business works.

“Import Options”

Working with Solid Edge 2D?

2D import is a very quick and easy method to bring the Solid Edge flat files straight into MetaCAM where they are directly imported and made available in the CAM environment ready for tooling on your profile cutting machines (Punch, Laser…..), from here you can feed directly to the nest engine either through a sheet layout of the imported part or as part of a bigger dynamic nest.

Working with Solid Edge 3D?

3D import is designed to give you the benefits of viewing in 3D CAD whilst linking straight through to press brake for simulation and nc code generation. Utilising the MetaBEND engine parts quickly have bend sequences calculated and tooling assigned ready for validation if the part can be bent and how to bend it, all of which is done from the office environment without having to spend extra time and material manufacturing test pieces.

3D imported parts can then be sent straight through to 2D CAM for Tooling and Nesting operations.

Working with Solid Edge Assemblies?

Assembly importing is a feature-packed option, where entire assemblies can be imported, batch tooled and sent straight through to nesting all within a few seconds. Assembly importing will allow you to order multiple assemblies batches along with additional features for dynamic attribute mapping.

Dynamic Attribute Mapping?

Using Solid Edge Tool, Nest and Bend support the Meta range of software also gives you the ability to import and map specific information contained within your Solid Edge models and assemblies, attributes like dedicated machines, materials and thickness can all be mapped as standard with the addition to add and configure other information that needs to be sent through the manufacturing process.

“What are the Real Benefits?”

  • Easily import without the need to export.
  • Work with 3D formatted files so you can view the parts as they were designed.
  • Quickly calculate bending programs for modern and older press breaks with a variety of export methods.
  • One software solution for bending and cutting for your business.
  • One software solution that is designed and developed by one company, no re-branding and no additional interfaces, gadgets, gizmos or widgets to get things to work.


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