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Our Punch Nesting Software provides a complete comprehensive solution for your punching machines, with highly configurable auto tooling and sequencing control you can get the results you need and expect.

Top Powerful Beneficial Features at a Glance

CAD File Support

Directly import from many supported file types into MetaCAD with automatic cleanup options and full design capabilities.


MetaCAM's consistent interface and logic helps our users have a better, more logical software to use without a steep leaning curve.

Tool Database

Punch CAM contains standard tools and the ability to create custom tools including cluster and wheel based tools to name a few.

Machine Tool Setup

Punch CAM has a highly visual display, for rotation and rail-based machines with full interactivity allowing you to configure tool load outs ahead of time.


Automatic, interactive and manual tool options with user-controlled settings for Pitch, Overlap, Tolerances, Pattern Punching, Tagging and Final process presents a complete solution.


Built-in configurable sequencing options which include Grid, Belt and Shortest Distance along with Intelligent part store and detailed cutting rules giving you a more automated solution.

Automation Systems

Punch CAM has built-in support for material loading and part removal systems (Towers, Part Pickers and Chute) with automatic placement options.


Punch CAM Supports Manual, Interactive and Automatic Nesting which has additional optimal features for Turret Punch Machines.


Highly editable reports can be printed or exported in electronic format.

See the video below for PUNCH NESTING SOFTWARE.

Check Out Some of Our Common Questions


MetaCAM supports the mainstream CAD Files Like

ACIS, Autodesk Inventor, CATIA, Creo-Pro/E, I-deas, IFC, IGES, JT, MetaCAM 3D, NX-Unigraphics, Parasolid, PRC, Rhino3D, SolidEdge, SolidWorks, STEP, STEP/XML, VDA-FS
and VRML.

The tooling database is very configurable, allowing users many options for default tool load outs through to a ‘when’ to use rule based system.

Yes you have full control over the reports from displaying the part / nest previews along with customising the layout with additional setup information / graphics.

Yes if you stretch a part then the tooling will adapt with it.

We support a very large range of machines and controllers like the mainstream brands Amada, Trumpf and LVD through to many more.

Punch CAM is a relatively easy to learn software as it follows the same logic in the rest of the Meta* modules it also contains built in help files that can be accessed dynamically.

Yes, contact our sales team for more information.

Yes, Punch CAM has some very detailed pre-definable rules for punch automatic tooling.