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2D CUT CAM for Laser, Waterjet, and Plasma-based machines come with feature-packed and comprehensive cutting databases with highly configurable cutting rules and advanced nesting capabilities.

CUT CAM Tooled Part

Fly Cutting



Corner Compensation

Comprehensive and Configurable Cut Database

  • CAD error analysis before tooling.
  • Cut Condition to CAD feature or CAD Layer assignment.
  • Gas, Pierce, and Vaporizing assignment.
  • Fly Cut assignment.
  • Etch assignment.
  • CAD Corner to Radius Assignment / Loop assignment.
  • Destruction and Tagging.
  • Lead In / Out and Approach Settings.
  • Feedrate and Pierce Times.
  • Heat Dispersion Options.

All of which can be set as defaults for Machines, Materials, Thickness, or saved as a specific configuration when required or can manually applied.

Tooling Solutions To Meet Todays Demands

Our goal with CUT CAM is to provide our end users with a highly automated approach to tooling without loss of any manual editing capabilities.

CAD File In

Import supported files or design with MetaCAM.

CAD Check

CAD is checked for errors before tooling.

Tooling Database

Automatic Tooling from a pre-defined machine database.

Manual Edit

Comprehensive edit features.

Optimal Traverse

Fully editable nests with a suite of options for manipulating parts.

Automatic Nesting

Fully automatic nesting with settings for priority and gaps.


Store default sequencing styles, select pre-defined styles with full manual edit.

Remnant and Slice

Destruct sheet, slicing sheet and storing remnants all supported.


Show your important information which cab be printed or saved.

See the video below for our CUT CAM Sample.


Check Out Some of Our Common Questions

MetaCAM supports the mainstream CAD Files Like

ACIS, Autodesk Inventor, CATIA, Creo-Pro/E, I-deas, IFC, IGES, JT, MetaCAM 3D, NX-Unigraphics, Parasolid, PRC, Rhino3D, SolidEdge, SolidWorks, STEP, STEP/XML, VDA-FS
and VRML.

The cutting database is very configurable, allowing users many options to from feature size mapping to layer mapping as well.

Yes you have full control over the reports from displaying the part / nest previews along with customising the layout with additional setup information / graphics.

Yes if you stretch a part then the tooling will adapt with it.

We support a very large range of machines and controllers like the mainstream brands Amada, Bystronic, Trumpf and LVD through to many more.

Punch CAM is a relatively easy to learn software as it follows the same logic in the rest of the Meta* modules it also contains built in help files that can be accessed dynamically.

Yes, contact our sales team for more information.

Yes, Cut CAM will allow you to use the built in adaptation feature to move from one machine to another or even same machine and different material.