Press Brake Nesting

Offline Bending… It’s well known in the industry with the benefits that it can bring to a manufacturing business but how accurate are the benefits and how do you get to the next level and beyond?

Let’s take a typical 1st generation offline bending software where you reap several benefits in both being able to bring in CAD and generate a bending solution from the office which reduces non-value add time on the shop floor but also introduces additional work in the office environment, so when evaluating the potential savings this can be a missed consideration where suddenly your projected savings could be significantly lower.

Metamation helped address this with the launch of FLUX BEND back in 2017 which was a next-generation offline bending software that had a clear and established goal to make easy to use and clever bending software that can achieve fully automated solutions in as little as 1-2 seconds with very minimal press brake knowledge or office time required.

The Next Level and Beyond “Nesting on your Press Brake”

Q1 2020 Metamation will launch an additional module for Flux BEND which for all essential purposes is a module that will allow you to NEST on your press brake.

Flux BEND TSO (Tool Setup Optimiser) is designed to take either active on-screen parts, libraries of parts or assemblies and compute them to an even more optimised solution giving more significant savings on your press brakes based on the parts and tooling you have available.

The above assembly was imported and exploded into child parts, bent with setup reports, code and optimised in under 1 minute. Using the TSO module setups were further reduced from 16 to 7 generating a 56% Physical Stop and Setup Reduction.

TSO Solution

Metamation have been providing innovative Sheet Metal CAD/CAM software to Direct Customers and OEM’s around the globe since 1995 and have a suite of internally developed modules for 2D and 3D CAD (Design and Import), Punch, Cutting, Nesting, Offline Bending, MRP/ MES Integration and Programming Automation.


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