IZE of CAD/CAM Software

AUTOMIZE……….Introducing FLEXIBLE automation OPTIMIZE………..Save time and effort by OPTIMIZING repetitive tasks REALIZE………….Savings TIME, ACCURACY and INFORMATION flow

What is and why do we need and what is the IZE? Well to start let’s take a look at the typical top 5 manufacturing process questions.

Across the front end we perform many repetitive tasks that not only increase production cycle time but also increase the possibility of human error with duplicated effort

Q.)How much of your skilled employee time is spent on process’s that don’t require the SKILL?

When we create items we generally have limited flexibility as we create an item for a static process that only becomes flexible if we encounter problems in the manufacturing flow.

Q.)What's the impact to your business when reroute a part through another process?

If we need production data, we deploy forms for people to fill out or have additional front end hours consumed with manually capturing, entering and reviewing the data.

Q.)How much time is spent in your business collecting data verse using the data?

Quality systems and revision control for parts in or about to be manufactured.

Q.)How strong is your CAD/CAM W.I.P change control process?

Quoting is material, Value / Non Value Add Operations, Variance Percentage and Profit.

Q.)How much time is spent on quoting, and how accurate is it?

The IZE Process Process

Quote and Estimate 

Quoting and Estimating is now more streamlined with easy upload option supporting a large variety of supported CAD formats or using MetaCAD 2D/3D to create the geometry. Once the Part Geometry is created it is automatically tooled for all the suitable machines generating machine accurate cycle times which then links directly to generating quotes that are prepared in seconds whilst supporting different costing scenarios like Multiple Lot Sizes and Multiple Machine quotes.

Batch Programming

The batch programming module brings a new flexibility to your manufacturing operations you can automatically program parts with none or very  limited user intervention which the system performs automatic geometry validation and material assignment checks along with a range of smart machine parameters will automatically block and highlight any un-suitable parts based on your machine specifications. If any problems are identified during the tooling process the part is highlighted for programmer review giving more focus on utilizing the programming skill set on items that need the skill / decision.

Order Creation

Orders can be created in the system from a multitude of different methods, with ERP/MRP/MES direct feed available (MIETRAK, Epicor, SAP, Oracle, JobBoss…) or MIETRAK PRO direct integration along with being able to upload exported (XLS, CSV, TXT) files the work orders will be populated in seconds without the need to manually enter them and lessening the potential for typo’s, but if you don’t have anything that can export or upload the production orders Enterprise does have the functionality to enter the orders in manually.

Produce Nests

Generating nests can be handled via automated server nesting, interactive nesting or manual nesting with a simple and easy to use interface where you can nest parts for a particular machine, by a priority / due date and automatically hold back any nests that are below a certain packing efficiency.  The software also allows you to select sheet size to nest on or will automatically select the best sheet sizes using the detailed nesting algorithms. In addition to the nesting Enterprise has an advanced library search function for older produced nests that will allow you to recall and re issue them in a  few seconds without having to have programming or nesting knowledge.

Shop Floor Direct Feed

The kiosk screen provides a real time direct feed for planning and scheduling nests directly to your machines. The kiosk hosts a wealth of features like real time data capture and setting optimizations all of which are placed into a very visual, easy to understand and real-time display which is designed to show you what to make, how to make it and record the vital production information like quality metrics, setting and productive time without having to constantly go back and forth on the shop floor.

Reporting and Information

Enterprise is an extremely visual system, with multiple types of information easily accessible. Enterprise hosts a reporting module that will allow you to design your own charts, graphs and rolling dashboard based on the information you want to see and if you are on the move then Enterprise also has an app for that! Summary The IZE / MetaCAM Enterprise solution is a robust module for the MetaCAM range of products that will not only help to generate a more flexible automated manufacturing front end but also provides the software flexibility needed for manufacturing life.

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