Offline Bending Metamation 26.Oct.20

FLUX Offline Bending Software

Offline Bending 

For many years in offline bending, the software has existed in many forms and year on year new features are added which is great but sometimes to take advantage of better technologies and general advancements of machines and CAD formats you need to go back to the drawing board and re-design from the ground up. In 2017 Metamation had already made this commitment and launched FLUX BEND a brand new 2nd generation Offline Bending Software that built on Metamation’s considerable knowledge in this field. So what’s different…?

Flux Offline Bending CAD


A key and important starting point for Offline Bending is getting CAD in, Flux BEND has capabilities of supporting 20+ file formats natively plus fully supports directional transfer from MetaCAM CAD. All CAD files are imported extremely quickly and enhanced for Sheet Metal processing.


Flux Offline Bending Interface

Flux did not just get a facelift for the interface but a whole new one – ‘Clarity’ which significantly reduces the time searching for what button to press.


Flux Offline Bending Tooling

Flux Bend supports a large array of standard tool libraries and supports custom tools as well, it has enhanced intelligence for using these tools in an automatic manner.


Flux Offline Bending

Speed and efficiency are the keys, CAD import to multi-bend and multi-stage setup can be fully calculated in 1-2 seconds.


Flux Offline Bending Export

Flux has support for Adaptive geometry export, Setup Reports, and NC Code.


Just a small example of a part going through FLUX BEND.

To find out more you can contact the visit the Flux Bend Product Page or contact Metamation.

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