Profile Tooling and Nesting Software

Profile Cutting Machine software is an integral part of the manufacturing process where the ability to have databases of machine cutting data along with the ability to set your own tooling rules all help play an important part of the process.


The start of the workflow normally begins with CAD to which MetaCAM has built-in support for many file types and comes with an integrated 2D or 3D CAD environment as well to help you design from scratch or edit/clean up imported files.

Once the CAD files are imported tooling can be applied, our default process we will utilise any machine database configuration that is set up along with any other customer-specific rules like automatic tagging or hole destruction of which the users can set different rules by materials and thickness which are automatically selected based on the material of the part they are working on. When automatic tooling is completed the user also has full edit control where they can easily make any changes if required.

Laser Tooling Sample, Feature Size Recognition, Stitch Cut Optimised, With Destruction, Etch and Automatic Corner Radius.

Profile CAM Supppots Layout nesting is designed as an easy way to fill a sheet with a component or manually drag and drop new parts on the sheet.

Multi-part nesting will allow you to select multiple parts, materials and thicknesses to achieve a higher material utilisation where the system will optimise the nesting based on parameters for priority, grain constraint and filler parts all of which will happen very quickly and will return optimised nests.

During the nesting process,  cutting sequences are set based on the user’s defaults at which point you could modify them and then produce NC Code and set up reports for your machine operator.

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