Metamation CAD CAM Solutions 21.Aug.14

CAD CAM productivity improvements

Metamation in a latest press release has stated that they are very excited about its CAD CAM Productivity “TOOLKIT” for “Production Improvements” or “PIP Kit” to its existing Customer Base. Metamation states that its “Annual Maintenance Contract” for its flagship product “MetaCAM” will not only come with “Regular Support” for its customers, but also an added tool kit which seamlessly integrates with “MetaCAM”. This tool kit will consist of the following modules:
CAD Exploder
Automatically segregate individual parts from assemblies into single parts and within few minutes separate these CAD files containing “Multiple parts” into individual parts.
No need to copy, paste, tool and sequence by hand.
Estimator (Costing)
Now with a few clicks calculate the costs of part or layout in MetaCAMand print a report
MetaworksAuto Importer
Quicklycreate production jobs starting from a ERP spread sheet
Toolkit ties these orders to MetaCAM for quick and automatic creation of MetaCAM nest jobs
No more errors due to manual double entry
Auto Tooler
Save programming time by automatically processing and subsequently programming the CAD files
Define multiple workflows that would be invoked for different machines that will assign laser or punch tooling to a part or a group of parts
Simply point to a folder of DXF files and Metaworks Auto Tool will tool each part, check for errors and generate a summary report
Report Generator
Manage and quickly setup work flows to deliver these production file to the appropriate work centers
Improve programming productivity by:
Going from programming to CNC code with a few clicks
Technical Support Manager “Andrew Magana” says that this “PIP Toolkit” will benefit customers in their daily Operations by complementing “MetaCAM” and increase productivity

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