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PunchCAM will allow you to import from a variety of supported formats and also has internal 2D or 3D CAD along with options for import control and automatic cleanup.

Tooling Libary

PunchCAM contains a large set of standard tools to allow you to easily create your tools from a parametric library and also has support for custom, cluster and wheel based tools to name a few.


PunchCAM has a highly visual turret display, for rotation and rail-based machines with full interactivity for drag and drop tooling, manual pick and placement or automatic tool assignment.


PunchCAM has configurable automatic tooling, along with interactive tooling and various manual options, with user-controlled settings for Nibble Pitch, Tool Overlap, Engineering Tolerances, Pattern Punch, Tagging and final process options presents a complete solution for tooling parts.


PunchCAM has built-in sequencing options which include configurable Grid, Belt, Shortest Distance optimisation along with Intelligent part store functions which will retain any specialised and detailed cutting rules you have giving you a more automated solution.



PunchCAM has built-in support for material loading and part removal systems (Towers, Part Pickers and Chute) with automatic placement options.


Punch CAM Supports Manual, Interactive and Automatic Nesting which has optimal features for Turret Punch Machines.


PunchCAM has a built-in simulator that will take you through the cycle process of your part or nest detailing tool usage, NC code and sequencing.


PunchCAM reports contain a wealth of part information and graphics that are easily customisable using a simple drag and drop interface to display the information you want to see.

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