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CAD Quoting

Typical CAD analysis normally consists of a length calculation against a generic speed factor, which as a ball in the park figure will give an idea, however, the actual cycle time and material allocation could be considerably more. This article is designed to highlight the process enhancements between CAD Quoting and CAM Quoting.

Example Part CAD Vs. CAM

An example would be CAD analysis which comes in at around 1775 mm (69.88″) cutting length where as the CAM Analysis comes it at around 1915 mm (75.39″).

Considering the near 8 percent increase in estimated vs. actual highlights a stronger benefit quoting using CAM data even more so when you start looking at elements like cycle time where using detailed Machine Cutting Technology, Tagging, Automation (Pick, Chute and Transfer) not to mention specific cutting styles and optimal methods like Fly Cutting and Hole Destruction all of which can vastly increase the 8 percent to a much higher variance number.


MetaCAM Enterprise has a built-in quote module where you can establish machine costs, material costs and then using the CAM data you can generate part estimates from a range of choices like a single part, lot sizes, sheet fill and dynamic nesting. Once the quote is approved you can easily transfer the quote into production.

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