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Workflow Storage

  • Enterprise is a facility database server application, this removes the need to have additional CAM files stored on a network and introduces more flexibility and speed with editing, searching and extracting data.

Workflow CAD

  • CAD Import can be manually drawn, uploaded, mapped in production orders or Hot Folder monitoring can import as files are made available. CAD files are fully validated before any additional processing takes place, any issues are shown to the programmer for resolution.
  • CAD files can support PPI information for attribute mapping like materials, thickness, and comments.
  • CAD files support revision control, which links to the shop floor kiosk.


  • In addition to the above CAD imports, Enterprise can also be enabled with an option inside SOLIDWORKS for direct export with material mapping, job creation and nesting.

Workflow TOOL

  • Tooling is performed for a variety of suitable machines, makes and models and like CAD is fully validated, machines can have thickness limits set so you can suppress some parts from machines based on material gauge used.
  • Full CAM editing capabilities exist.

Workflow Orders

  • ORDERS can be created in a variety of methods from manual entry, file Import through to ERP/MRP Integration and Hot Folder import.
  • File import mapping is easy to configure and very flexible.

Workflow Nest

  • NESTING can be done fully automatically on the server and interactively by the user and uses our newest FLUX NEST engine for rapid nesting with higher material yield. Nesting can be based on live capacity that is visible at the point of nesting and like tooling is fully editable.
  • Nests are analysed for a customer based minimum yield and automatically paused for production, whilst the customer makes a decision on to wait for more demand or release to production, nests paused can automatically be filled as more demand is available in the system.

Quick Quote

Enterprise has a quick quote module that can easily generate quotes based on single parts or physical nests all of which can take into account material costs and process costs but making optimal use of CAM data for added accuracy.

Workflow Schedule

  • SCHEDULE is a real time feed to machines, saving the time with having to communicate with operators and working towards a less paper-based operation. Nests can be switched from one machine to another.


Workflow Kiosk

  • KIOSK presents the operator an office-based schedule to follow, which also tracks completions, setup, and cycle times along with reject parts.

Workflow Data

CAM / Process data can be viewed, exported (manually or automatically) for analysis and back flushing operations.

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