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MetaCAM Enterprise

MetaCAM Enterprise Edition

What is MetaCAM Enterprise Edition?

Enterprise is essentially a top-level interface bringing together all the features of MetaCAM with the ability to help drive out non-value-added time along with the ability to integrate with your business system and provide a leaner manufacturing workflow. Enterprise also removes the need for files to be saved on the network and everything is stored in a central database.

Cad In

Enterprise has a variety of methods to import CAD, whether you are using 2D or 3D file formats Enterprise has the capabilities to import CAD Files directly.

When CAD files are imported, they are fully validated before being sent for tooling. If you don’t have CAD to import then you can use the integrated MetaCAD 2D or 3D to design.


Enterprise provides intuitive and multi-tasking tooling, as soon as geometry is created in the system Enterprise process’s the tooling not just for a single machine but all the suitable machines you have, and the results that are displayed is a clear traffic light report, similar to CAD importing if any problems are found then they are displayed to the programmer for review, whilst other parts are then made ready for nesting.

Job Creation

Enterprise has an easy to use import configurator where you can map spreadsheets (Manual or MRP Driven) or create jobs manually. In addition to this, you can also create assemblies that have a simple click to order interface.


Nesting has never been so flexible as Enterprise supports a range of machine capacity-based nesting options from interactive nesting through to fully automated nesting. Nesting has a range of algorithms to suit your process and Enterprise also supports the “Best Nesting” algorithm designed to further improve nesting results all generated nests are validated for any potential problems and if you are running low on parts to nest Enterprise can pause low yield nests before they go into production.

Scheduling Production

Enterprise supports scheduling features, giving you an extra level of control and the ability to make optimal scheduling by a machine process. Scheduled nests are displayed to the operator live on the operator kiosk.


The operator kiosk is designed to give your employees real-time and up to date production requirements, the kiosk supports a clear and simple interface and will track and record several key metrics like Production, Cycle, and Quality which can all be reported on.


What happens inside Enterprise, doesn’t stay just in Enterprise. Multiple key metrics are recorded and are available for viewing and exporting from parts in the system to material usage, material yield, and production information.

Quick Quotes

Enterprise has a quick quote module that can easily generate quotes based on single parts or physical nests all of which can take into account material costs and process costs but make optimal use of CAM data for added accuracy.

Full Automation

In addition to the standard workflow steps Enterprise has the ability to fully automate the CAD Import, Tooling, Job Creation and Nesting process.

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