cnc punch programming software 14.Aug.19

Metamation Punch CAM Software for Tooling and Nesting

Metamation’s PunchCAM module is a powerful and configurable software designed to help make optimal use of your time and machine with intuitive and easy to use features all designed to support your CNC Punch Machines.

Starting with a variety of CAD import or design methods, PunchCAM is fluid straight into tooling where the Autotool engine boasts a good level of configuration to help tool parts the way you like. PunchCAM also has a smart interactive tooling solution which will present you with different methods of tooling certain features, along with easy tool selection and visualisation for any tooling problems on the part.

PunchCAM also contains support for multiple tool types including  (Wheel, Multi-Indexing, Deburring, Cluster, Custom….) and also contains intelligent and advanced tool sequencing options designed to make optimal use of your machines.

PunchCAM is not just an all feature based tooling solution but also contains support for multiple machine brands, makes and models along with Automation support (Part Removal, Chute…) and a seamless link with our other modules like CAD, Nesting and Bending which can provide a complete solution based on your business needs or requirements.

Visit the Punch CAM Pages Here: Punch CAM to find out more.

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