Metamation CAD CAM Nesting V8.3 30.Nov.15

V8.3 Released

V8.3 Foreword

Since V8.2 release in 2014 the Metamation development teams have been very busy! We have internally raised over 340 cases for improvements, tweaks, adjustments, new features and most importantly continued growth with several internal updates for performance and post updates to further support the new generation machines across our entire range of products.

Some of the new features and updates include:-


  • New direct 3D import complements our existing import process and 3D CAD, whilst giving manufactures the ability to bring in access of 20 supported formats all under one native import.
  • Further Enhancements and new features for handling 2D CAD Import with rotation options and more automated layer and tooling control.

Punch Automation

  • Our API Modules have been updated to support Punch Slice, following on from sheet slice for laser this feature will allow our automation punch customers to slice the sheet up through punching.

 Time Savers

  • Remnant usage has been updated with a handy search feature to help you locate remnants.
  • New Option to allow mass copying of material databases opposed to entry by entry.
  • New Option to allow mass copying of material pages opposed to entry by entry.
  • Search feature added to bend tool collections, making a lot easier to find tools when building your own catalogues of available tooling.


  • Additional reporting option to graphically show the tool angles.
  • New Option to allow selection of layers in the reporting modules.


  • Final tooling overrides can now be controlled to either cut at the end of each frame or done at the end of the corresponding part.
  • Repositioning logic has been completely rewritten and now supports 7 different styles!


  • Updated Die Safety Zones.
  • Simulation Pause and edit for / gauge allocations.

 Profile Fibre

  • Additional controller support for newer stich cut-able shapes.


  • Meta – Engine updates for better performance.
  • Multiple new machines and controller support added for Punch, Profile and Bend.
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