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Lasnek Metamation Testimonial

MetaCAM Enterprise edition has saved us 4-5 hrs per job.

Metamation CAD/CAM software helps Lasnek bring cycle times from Hours to Minutes

Lasnek based in Luton UK has over 30 years of engineering expertise in stainless steel fabrication specialising in high-quality cable management and supplying globally a range of stainless-steel cable management systems installed within facilities of internationally recognised brands.

They are forerunners in innovation and automation with developing their own products in house through factory automation in streamlined processes and investment in new technology.

Having worked in the sheet metal industry for many years I had a good understanding and experience on software that is available in the market for CAD/CAM programming, we wanted to upgrade our existing software for our punching machines but also look for software that has strong CAD capabilities and can also support our design package Autodesk Inventor, Metamation ticked all the boxes for us with a good comprehensive demonstration and advice and not just a sales pitch, which was refreshing. – Steven Milton Production Manager Lasnek UK.

2D / 3D CAD

2D and 3D Bi-Directional CAD

Amada LCG 3015

In 2018 Lasnek invested in new automated laser cutting machines with material tower and as part of this we evaluated laser programming software that was available to run the new equipment. We decided to stay with Metamation as we found the laser cutting module was one of the most automated and flexible we had seen and it fully supported our preferred laser cutting rules and automatic tooling assignment for CAD, whilst giving us high-performance nesting.

More Automation with  MetaCAM Enterprise Edition

We looked at Metamation’s Enterprise module as we wanted to drive more automation and integration, the Enterprise module was a real game-changer for us as we have been able to streamline and everything else happens automatically, our CAD files are imported, cleaned up, materials and thickness are assigned, production orders are created, nested and displayed real-time to our operators.

“We took a typical production order which consisted of 65+ unique parts totalling nearly 800 pieces and fed it to Enterprise, all the cad files were imported, checked, tooled, tagged (where required), nested and released to the shop floor in less than 10 minutes – this has saved us 4-5 hrs per job compared to how we used to work and using the Enterprise Kiosk, we are also building up important information that helps us understand and validate our costing.”

Before the Enterprise up-date, we had 2 programmers trying to keep up with the laser, now we have only 1 programmer and are staying well ahead of production needs. This is also allowing the development of older parts to a more cost-effective manufacturing method.

Enterprise Kiosk

Metamation Enterprise Kiosk

The technical support team I find second to none and they are always willing to listen and implement changes to improve.

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