Sheet Metal CAD CAM Smart Factory

Smart Solutions

Enterprise is a top-level Smart Factory solution bringing together all the features of MetaCAM with the ability to automate and integrate with your business system and truly gives businesses the ability to grow and adapt the manufacturing process, whilst saving time and effort along the way with its key approach on an automated but highly flexible manufacturing system.

Workflow Options

Highly flexible ways to work, designed to match your internal process and give you options to change.


Upload Design Integrate


Batch Tool Drive Flexibility Drive Automation


Upload Enter Integrate


Automatic Interactive


Date Driven Interactive


Live Revision Alerts


When? Where? Why?

CAD Features

  • Upload 3D
  • Upload 2D
  • Design 3D
  • Design 2D
  • Integrated CAD Option with SOLIDWORKS
  • Automatic CAD File Import (Hot Folder)

Batch Tooling Features

Supporting Features

  • CAD Check Before Tooling
  • Tool all Machines Automatically
  • Comprehensive Tooling Databases
  • Punch, Laser, Waterjet, Oxy…
Cut Punch Combination
Metacam Enterprise Order - Metamation

Order Creation Features

  • Import CSV based files
  • Manual Entry
  • Direct ERP Link

Nesting Features

  • Fully Automatic Server Based Nesting
  • Interactive Nesting
  • Advanced Nesting Algorithms
  • Re-Issue Old Nests
CAD CAM Nesting

Scheduling Features

  • Date Driven
  • Manual Selection
  • Schedule Optimisation
Enterprise Kiosk

Kiosk Features

  • Live Real Time to Operator Work Instructions
  • Fully Record Production / Setting Time
  • Live Data to the Office for Work in Progress, Work to Do and Work Completed
  • Record and Re-order Scrap Parts

Report Features

  • Production Items
  • Nests
  • Work Orders
  • Sheet Material
  • Remnants
  • Over 70 Standard Items
  • Dashboards
  • ERP Write Back

All packed together in a database-driven system with a smart and intuitive interface to help you find, look and review and help your factory become a Smart Factory.