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Metamation Partner Solutions


In today’s world, having one system that manages everything is becoming more and more popular. There are companies that offer complete packages that include ERP and CAD/CAM software, but are they really sufficient to suit the ever demanding industry?

This is where MIE Solutions partnership with Metamation comes into its own. With our partnership, you get two individual companies who are experts in their fields, which combine their market leading solutions to muster a complete manufacturing package.


So we have two market leaders in their respective fields, now how do they actually integrate and what are the benefits?

From the outset, the two systems combine at the quoting stage. Metamation’s Enterprise engine tools the parts automatically to work out information such as machine cycle times. This information is then transferred over to MIETrak’s quoting module QuoteIT Pro, which uses the information to work out costing’s for quoting purposes using machine CAM information, using this method means your costing’s and predicted schedule times are more precise as more machine factors are taken into account.


Job cards that are then produced from within the MIETrak Pro system are passed back over to Enterprise that then enables the dynamic nesting of jobs. Dynamic nesting enables users to go to the n’th degree when deciding on the complexity of the nests they wish to create. The two systems combined offer the ultimate solution from the very design of products through to the shipping and invoicing.



Solid Edge Native File Support

Metamation’s range of products MetaCAM, MetaBEND, Enterprise and FLUX all have support for the Solid Edge file format (.asm, .psm and .par) which can be brought in ready for CAM processing through a variety of methods depending on how your business works.

Working with Solid Edge 2D?

solid-edge-flat2D import is a very quick and easy method to bring the Solid Edge flat files straight into MetaCAM where they are directly imported and made available in the CAM environment ready for tooling on your profile cutting machines (Punch, Laser…..), from here you can feed directly to the nest engine either through a sheet layout of the imported part or as part of a bigger dynamic nest.

Working with Solid Edge 3D?

se-bend3D import is designed to give you the benefits of viewing in 3D CAD whilst linking straight through to press brake for simulation and nc code generation. Utilising the MetaBEND engine parts quickly have bend sequences calculated and tooling assigned ready for validation if the part can be bent and how to bend it, all of which is done from the office environment without having to spend extra time and material manufacturing test pieces.

3D imported parts can then be sent straight through to 2D CAM for Tooling and Nesting operations.

Working with Solid Edge Assemblies?

soldiedge-nestAssembly importing is a feature packed option, where entire assemblies can be imported, batch tooled and sent straight through to nesting all within a few seconds. Assembly importing will allow you to order multiple assemblies batches along with additional features for dynamic attribute mapping.



MetaWORKS-SW is an advanced integrated sheet metal programming solution that ties the core engine of MetaCAM and MetaCAM Enterprise Edition seamlessly into the SolidWORKS design environment. The integrated application will translate SolidWORKS models and assemblies into sheet metal parts with the defined tooling technology right from your SolidWORKS window. MetaWORKS-SW can easily convert models (SLDPRT) or entire assemblies (SLDASM) into programmed parts, nested sheets and Offline Bending (MetaBEND). The software is designed for the SolidWORKS power user who can benefit from the interface.

partSingle Integrated Design Environment allows the designer to program parts right from SolidWORKS without having to export data to intermediate fi­les such as DXF.


assemblyMetaWORKS-SW drills down SolidWORKS assemblies and sub-assemblies to extract the relevant sheet metal information and converts the parts into CAM tooled format and loads them into a nesting job for batch processing. The time saved in processing large assemblies with a single integrated solution versus manually programming each part itself justifies using MetaWORKS-SW. All part information is automatically inherited from SolidWORKS ­and eliminates any chances of human error.


  • Integrated sheet metal programming solution for SolidWorks
  • Automatically create programmed sheet metal parts from SolidWorks Model
  • Integrity of Data maintained by reading material and thickness from SolidWorks Model.
  • Easily update model revisions and reprogram parts.
  • MetaCAM runs in a single integrated UI inside SolidWorks.
  • Batch Process assemblies and Sub-assemblies into MetaCAM nested jobs.
  • Shows a Tooling Status summary of both assemblies and individual part ­less.