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Quickly Import or create your 5-Axis geometry with MetaCAD and apply features which can be arrayed, projected and wrapped.


View accurate and detailed simulation.

Simple Nest

Duplicate all cuts in a simple grid of columns and rows without manual manipulation of every model.

Collision Check

MetaCAM contains a detailed true machine space and visual validation where checks for correct head position are in use along with collision checking against machine stroke limits and collisions against fixtures.

Common Shapes

Easily convert poor design geometry to common shaped holes such as rounds, rectangles, and more.

Space Curves

MetaCAM can support the import and design of Space Curve geometry from both sold and wireframe models.

Drill Cutting

Advanced cutting features allow for the user to lock the X, Y, & A axis for true drill cut features to ensure your pipe unions and joints fit exactly as designed.

Traverse Editing

Simulate and manipulate the head path in a true machine space, with easy to use editing interface that ensures your safe and speedy cutting every time.