3d CAM


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Powerful and easy features for CAD Import or Drawing. MetaCAD 2D supports multiple import formats and has its own CAD engine which will allow for easy import / design or adjustments.

CAD File Support

Directly import from many supported 3D file types into MetaCAD with automatic clean up options.


Consistent Interface helps our users have a better and more logical experience.


Quickly create your 5-Axis geometry with MetaCAD and apply features which can be arrayed, projected and wrapped.

Additional CAD Options

3D CAD features additional options like Pipe Designer.

Collision Checing

Detailed machine checks for the correct head position with collision and Fixture checks.


Configurable automatic dimensioning with manual assignment with smart dimension feature.

Space Curves

Import and design of Space Curve geometry from both sold and wireframe models.

Simple Nest

Duplicate all cuts in a simple grid of columns and rows without manual manipulation of every model.


Customisable reports can be configured to show a large range of information and can be printed or saved.