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3D CAD For Design or Import


Directly import many 3D  file types into MetaCAD with clean up options for.

  • Identification and mapping for formed regions.
  • Marking thin side planes.
  • Marking Bend Radius Segments.
  • Paired Surfaces.
  • Unused Entities.
  • Vector Relocation.
  • Automated Prompt to Create new Bend Radius.

DXF | DWG | STEP | IGES | SolidEdge | SolidWorks |CATIA | Inventor | Pro-e | NX/Unigraphics | Parasolid | ACIS |Plus More……


Bend Database

Our 3D Cad has a large and detailed bend database that allows you to modify and create custom bend deductions, whilst incorporating cut adjustment and hemming detailed deductions.


Quickly and easily design your 3D parts.

  • Standard Cuboid, Cylinder, Cone, Parametric and Plane Creation.
  • Move, Rotate and Copy.
  • Lip and Flange.
  • Trim, Extend and Stretch.
  • Hole Projection
  • Corner Clean up.
  • Edge Control (Bend and Cut)
  • Curved Flange.
  • Hemming.
  • Chamfering, Notching and Filleting.
  • Collision Detection.

3D - 2D - 3D

Our CAD modules are completely bi-directional, draw in 3D send to 2D add some features and send back to 3D.

Layer Control

Detailed layer control.

  • Map planes to layers.
  • Detailed colouring options.
  • Unique machine mapping by layer.
  • Annotations.
  • Supports file attachments.


Animate your models or assemblies

  • Layer visibility
  • Add Text Box
  • Hide Text Box
  • Pause
  • Rotate
  • Freeze
  • Layer Shift
  • Layer Selection

Pipe Design

Quick and easy wizard to help you create pipes.

  • Tube Length / Diameter with cut generation.
  • Shape intersection (includes sketching).
  • Shape Wrapping.
  • Row and Grid Arrays.
  • End Cuts.

Formed Shapes

Save time with punch tooling, find your 3D formed feature and map it directly to a punch tool.

Profile Libary

Quickly sketch your profile and extrude to a 3D model.


Assembly reports are customisable and can show a range of informative and graphical data from the detailed top level assembly through to a  dimensioned child part.

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