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2D Sheet Metal CAD

2D CAD Importing

Directly import your 2D CAD geometry files with a large selection of options.

  • Importing of text.
  • Importing of dimensioning.
  • Highlighting open Poly lines.
  • Relocating drawing to origin.
  • Filter layers.
  • Convert blocks to array.
  • Convert white to black.
  • Layer mapping.

DXF | DWG | STEP | IGES | SolidEdge | SolidWorks |CATIA | Inventor | Pro-e | NX/Unigraphics | Parasolid | ACIS |Plus More……

Clean Up

Configurable clean up options to handle

  • Duplicate lines.
  • Coerce nodes.
  • Curve connect.
  • Vectoring true type text.

2D CAD Drawing

MetaCAD 2D  has a large array of industry standard and highly intuitive tools.

  • Standard Lines and Shapes
  • Arcs
  • Tangent Circles
  • Segment Fillet
  • Polygons
  • Chamfer
  • Inside / Outside Fillet
  • Corner Nothing
  • Trim / Extend
  • Move / Copy / Rotation
  • Common Shapes
  • Clean up
  • Arrays
  • Grid
  • Layers

To name but a few…

Layers And Blocks

Full support for layers and blocks to enhance your drawing experience. In addition layers can be configured to perform automated functions when bringing your part into the tooling environment.


Quickly create ducting from our database of parametric shapes. Select your shape and the ducting wizard will ask for the relevant dimensions and create the 2D flat using the built in bend deduction database.

2D - 3D - 2D

Our CAD modules are completely bi-directional, draw in 2D send to 3D add some features and send back to 2D.

Parametric Scripts

Need something special? With our built in parametric scripts you can easily create your own shapes ready for import.


Pre-loaded CAD reports with a built in editor to allow you to design / edit and make changes.

Watch the 2D CAD product video