Solid Edge Nest and Bend 28.02.22

Solid Edge Native File Support

“Have an Edge in your manufacturing flow with Metamation’s CAM support for Solid Edge”

Solid Edge Nest Bend integrated into Meta* range of products designed to help you easily process your Solid Edge Cad Files.

One of the fundamental processes with design to manufacture is the ability to read native file formats direct from CAD ...

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Web Image 22.02.22

Press Brake Nesting

Offline Bending… It’s well known in the industry with the benefits that it can bring to a manufacturing business but how accurate are the benefits and how do you get to the next level and beyond?

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workflow Quote 17.02.22

Enterprise Sheet Metal Quoting


CAD Quoting

Typical CAD analysis normally consists of a length calculation against a generic speed factor, which as a ball in the park figure will give an idea, however, the actual cycle time and material allocation could be considerably more. This article is designed to highlight the process enhancements between ...

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Nest 10.02.22

CAD CAM Nesting Software and the ROI of the Generic 3-5%

CAD CAM Nesting one of the most marketed and focused features but what does it drive and what are the additional benefits? Having worked in the manufacturing arena for many years we have had the privilege of working on many cost out improvements and one such example was

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Metamation Enterprise 25.01.22

MetaCAM Enterprise 21.x series

At Metamation our goal is simple to continue bringing innovative and open-minded solutions to our global customers through the continued development of our OWN core products for sheet metal CAD / CAM users.

Our Automation:

MetaCAM Enterprise is a front end for the existing Meta* based products which brings all the power of MetaCAM into ...

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Offline Bending in MetaBEND by Metamation 05.01.21

Offline Press Brake Programming

One of the most skilled operations in the sheet metal manufacturing industry is the operating and setting of press brakes, which if you are a low batch manufacturer could increase your non value added time significantly. Skill shortages for this operation don’t help and when you consider that you could easily have 2-3 press brakes ...

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ize 30.11.20

IZE of CAD/CAM Software

AUTOMIZE……….Introducing FLEXIBLE automation
OPTIMIZE………..Save time and effort by OPTIMIZING repetitive tasks

What is and why do we need and what is the IZE? Well to start let’s take a look at the typical top 5 manufacturing process questions.

Across the front end we perform many repetitive ...

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CAD CAM ROI 02.11.20

Putting the R in ROI

 In today’s manufacturing facilities when investment is being made we usually look for he ability to meet and exceed the immediate software requirements along with the magic Return on Investment (ROI). The sheet metal CAD CAM Arena has always had a large focus in this area, but what really generates the ROI? Is it all ...

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Sheet Metal CAD CAM 16.10.20

Be a Lean Mean Manufacturing Machine

The business cost for profile cutting on machines has been and still is primarily driven by Front End Time, Material Utilisation and Sequence Optimisation. The industry has been and still is adopting leaner manufacturing practices by reducing batch size in favor of more frequent delivery dates which in turn places higher demands on suppliers to ...

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Nesting 12.10.20


The business cost for profile cutting on machines has been and still is primarily driven by Front End Time, Material Utilisation, Sequence Optimisation and Customers expected delivery dates where ever increasing demands are placed on suppliers to be more flexible on batch size and with quicker turn a rounds (Sound Familiar)?

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