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Punch CAM

  • Easily create tools from our large range of  parametric libraries for standard and forming tools.
  • Auto tooling defaults to generate the results you need. Standard settings for Nibble Pitch, Tool Overlap, Engineering Tolerances and Pattern Punch options are but a few of the features we have.
  • Sequencing options include configurable  Grid , Belt, Shortest Distance optimisation along with Intelligent part store functions which will retain any specialised and detailed cutting rules you have giving you more automated sequencing.
  • Create custom scripts to map specialised geometry features to tools.
  • Highly visual turret displays with full interactivity for drag and drop tooling or manual pick.
  • Build your master tooling libraries into detailed collections for distinct machines, jobs or customers.
  • Easily create custom shaped tooling, with by importing or drawing the tool directly in our CAD.
  • Automatically or manually assign tags to your parts with features for
  • Configurable Wire Joints
    • Configurable Corner Joint
    • Preference placement
    • Joint tools
    • MJC tools
  • MetaCAM provides a detailed time study that displays the total time along with information such as the total length of cut, traverse time, part weight and number of pierces.