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CAD Engine

The FLUX engine can import a lot of file formats without the need for OLE links and has Bi-Directional CAD to give you the complete CAD solution.


Importing in FLUX is very fast! Typically CAD files are imported, processed in a matter of seconds.

Bend Tooling

FLUX has extensive press brake tooling and configuration for automatic tooling along with additional support for angle measurement tools.


Validation for Bending is even more powerful with FLUX, with complete bend and brake analysis it will give you the visibility on any problems before instigating production parts.

Optimal Setups

Optimal use of back gauges for part support and Multistage setups are a key feature of FLUX.

Bend Configuration

FLUX has Intelligent and configurable tooling with sequencing rules to make more optimal bending and operator handling


The FLUX Interface is brand new and designed to be a clean and intuitive interface helping reduce the all-important “Click” count and searching for which button to use!


FLUX will import assembly files and explode them.

Bend Nesting

Nesting multiple setups on the press brake has never been easier with the FLUX bend setup enhancer.


FLUX comes with standard and customisable reports that can be printed or saved in electronic formats. These reports show everything from the tools used to setting positions through to sequencing of the parts.

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