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SQL Database

SQL Database removes the need for saving files you can perform a rapid and detailed search with clear, simple to read visual information for parts or jobs.

Geometry Creation

Creating geometry in Enterprise could not be simpler. Select the 2D or 3D files you want to upload and Enterprise will validate the geometry, check for valid material assignment and tool for all manufacturing capable machines. Enterprise’s validation will automatically suppress any part that could not be produced on a certain operation due to machine restrictions (Thickness, Size, Cutting Database…)

If you don’t have geometry to upload then you can use MetaCAD 2D/3D which has an integrated link with Enterprise saving additional time with offline file creation.

Revision Control

Enterprise has CAD/CAM revision control where you can easily track your part revisions, along with the details of the change, ability to roll back to prior versions and a visual overlay to see the graphical part revisions to compare the differences.

Batch Tooling

Auto tooling on Enterprise has been upgraded through the new database-driven system as you create or import parts the system will automatically tool them for every suitable machine you have and like the geometry importing will visually highlight any problems or in some cases will lock the part from a certain machine if that machine cannot physically process the part.

Quick Quote

Enterprise supports a quick quote feature which will analyse part times against machine process times and material costs, quotes are prepared in seconds based on different quoting scenarios available to the user.

Order Creation

Enterprise supports direct importing of ERP/MRP/MES based production schedules or TXT/CSV alternatively you can manually enter production requirements as well.

Planning / Scheduling

Nest jobs are date driven and are held in scheduling area until it is time for production to begin or you can manually release them early for production.


A click is all that is needed to release the job to Enterprise which will trigger the parts for nesting in the background along with visually showing the results and trapping on any potential errors or low yield (configurable by customer).

Enterprise also has a library search feature where the system can automatically locate old nests and re-issue them directly to the shop floor without any programming or nesting taking place.

Production Kiosk

One of the new features is the operator console which is designed to visually show the operator the nests to run along with giving offline operations the overview of jobs in production. The console allows for booking of components, recording of any rework and sending the NC Code and also carries through to secondary operations. In addition to these features the operator screen is real time and being so removes the typical CAD/CAM paper trail from the office to the shop floor.


  • In House

With Enterprise being a database driven system there is an additional wealth of information available from tooling data to production data and quality metrics all of which are easily created with a report designer that also doubles as a metric board and will rotate key metrics based on the customers design.

  • On the move?

If you are on the move you can use our handy Android application that will allow you real time access to information in the shop so you can check status of parts, production jobs and many other metrics.

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