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Lasnek Metamation


Services Used

MetaCAD 2D, MetaCAD 3D, Punch CAM, Laser CAM, MetaNEST, MetaCAM Enterprise

Metamation Sheet Metal Cad CAM Testimonial

Dataracks Ltd

We evaluated multiple CAD CAM products and Metamation was the company we choose for the reason that it is a good overall product for our punching machines.


Services Used

2D CAD, PunchCAM, Nesting

Metamation Testimonials

HSM Aero Ltd

Services Used

2D CAD, 3D CAD, PunchCAM, LaserCAM, Nesting.

Grenville Metamation Testimonial

Grenville Engineering

We were extremely impressed with the speed and solutions available from Metamation and are already identifying potentially large improvements and cost savings for the business.


Services Used

2D MetaCAD, 3D MetaCAD, MetaCAM Laser, MetaNEST, MetaBEND, Enterprise


Contracts Engineering Ltd.

Services Used

MetaCAD, MetaCAM Punch & Laser, MetaNEST, MetaCAM Enterprise

Carter - Hoffmann Metamation Testimonial

Carter Hoffmann

We can easily switch jobs from one machine to another, every part is programmed for all machines and this helps us better prepare for a situation if a machine goes down.


Services Used

Punch, Laser, Nesting, Bend, Enterprise

Pinion Adams Metamation Testimonial

Pinion Adams

Enterprise has helped us better manage our parts and revisions across multiple programmers – we can save both the tooling and the CAD for all previous versions which is a huge time saver for reruns.


Services Used

Punch, Laser, Nesting, Enterprise

MMM Metamation Testimonial

Monarch Metal, CO

Scheduling jobs and monitoring productivity on the machines has become that much easier.

Services Used

Punch, Laser, Nesting, Enterprise

Yarbrough Industries Metamation Testimonial

Yarbrough Industrys

Drop in a DXF and Enterprise will immediately give you the cutting time and price estimate that helps us quickly quote jobs with confidence.

Services Used

Laser, Nesting, Enterprise

Bulldog Security Metamation Testimonial

Bulldog Security Products

Nesting Element is very good and utilises the sheet very well, we would have no hesitation recommending Metamation to others.


Services Used

2D MetaCAD, 3D MetaCAD, MetaCAM Laser, MetaNEST, MetaBEND

NFP Bulldog Security Metamation Testimonial

New Forest Precision

Looking forward to a good working relationship with them for many years to come as we know that they are a forward thinking company.

Services Used

2D MetaCAD, 3D MetaCAD, MetaCAM Punch, MetaNEST

Eaton Metamation Testimonial

Eaton Cooper, GA

We can batch program hundreds of parts through Enterprise in less than 10 minutes, this helps us check the effect of changing a tool, previously we had no way to do so.

Services Used

MetaCAM Enterprise

Yesco NFP Bulldog Security Metamation Testimonial

Young Electric Sign Company

MetaCAM’s open interface to VB allowed us to automate production cycles and reduced production development time from 3 days to 10 minutes.

Services Used


Kohler Metamation Testimonial

Kohler Co

The ease, speed, and flexibility of the nesting portion of the software, greatly reduces time when dealing with static nests.

Services Used

MetaCAD, MetaCAM Punch

Safire Metamation Testimonial

Safire Design Engineers

I have found the software to be intuitive, good automation and the support back up has been great to date. I would recommend it to others.

Services Used

3D MetaCAD, MetaBEND

Eaton Metamation Testimonial

Eaton Electrical

Due to the automation and ease of use our output is 3-4 times more than we used to achieve with both of our prior CAD/CAM Systems.

Services Used


CMP Metamation Testimonial

Computer Metal Products

Metacam has brought us into the next generation of CAD/CAM programming. Has allowed us to unfold CAD models supplied by our customers, has helped decrease the overall time of usage.

Services Used

2D MetaCAD, 3D MetaCAD, MetaCAM Punch & Laser, MetaNEST

Alco Metamation Testimonial

Alco Metal Fabricators, Inc

MetaCAM has simplified the programming process which has helped speed up the productivity. I feel it is the fastest Software around; I am looking forward to getting our Nesting Software.

Services Used

MetaCAD, MetaCAM Laser, MetaNEST

APMI Metamation Testimonial

American Precision

MetaCAM has made easier and faster when dealing with complex parts.

Services Used

MetaCAD, MetaCAM Punch & Laser, MetaNEST

Complete Metamation Testimonial

Complete Manufacturing Services Inc

Have enjoyed using this software, has speeded up the daily process, I can spend more time is management. Very interested in trying the Nesting.

Services Used

2D MetaCAD, 3D MetaCAD, MetaCAM Punch & Laser